Ultrafast Quantum Photonics Laboratory

2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures
Spintronics and topological insulators
Metamaterials and plasmonics nanostructures

[석/박사과정 학생 연구원 모집]
전공분야: 전기전자공학, 물리학, 재료공학
대상: 대학원 진학 예정인 학부 4학년
연구분야: 원자두께 2차원 양자소자, 스핀소자, 메타물질
장학금: 대학원 입학금과 등록금 전액 + 생활비
연락처: 최현용 교수 (hychoi@yonsei.ac.kr)


[2018. 3. 8] Professor Choi received “Excellent Achievement Award” from Yonsei University.
[2017. 7. 12] Excellent presentation award (Oral): Optical Society of Korea Summer Meeting by D. Lee.
[2017. 4. 7] Professor Choi received “Young Research Achievement Award” (신진학술상) from Korean Graphene Society.
[2017. 2. 15] ACS Photonics by J. Kim and S. Park on graphene-topological insulator is accepted.
[2016. 12. 31] 삼성미래기술육성센터” on femtosecond spin-valley optoelectronics is renewed.
[2016. 11. 18] Nature Communications by S. Sim and D. Lee on 2D materials is accepted.
[2016. 11. 9] Nature Communications on 2D materials is accepted.
[2016. 10. 21] Excellent presentation award (Oral): Korean Physical Society Fall meeting by S. Sim.
[2016. 8. 29] ACS Nano on perovskite films is published.
[2016. 6. 7] “Basic Research Laboratory” (기초연구실) in Korea is granted.
[2016. 5. 24] ACS Photonics by S. Sim’s work on topological insulators is accepted.
[2016. 1. 20] Nature Communications by S. Cha’s work on 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 12. 2] “National Leading Research Laboratory” (국가지정연구실) in Korea is granted.
[2015. 10. 23] Advanced Materials by C. In’s work on graphene metadevice is published.
[2015. 10. 6] Nature Communications by S. Sim’s work on topological insulators is accepted.
[2015. 7. 13] Nature Communications on Flexible 2D materials photodetector is accepted.
[2015. 6. 15] Nature Communications on optoelectronic composites of 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 5. 1] Nature Communications on stacking-dependent 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 7. 21] Global Ph.D. Fellowship by C. In from NRF (한국연구재단) is granted.
[2015. 2. 11] 삼성전자 휴먼테크 논문대상: C. In (silver) and S. Sim (bronze)
[2014. 11. 30] 삼성미래기술육성센터” on spin-valley optoelectronics is granted.


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